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Serving the Native Communities of the Chugach Region

Chugachmiut Step Challenge

Chugachmiut Step Challenge - February 3, 2022

Sign up and join us for our next Step Challenge! If you were signed up for the last challenge, you should automatically be added to the new challenge under the same email address.
For new participants, click this link to Join: https://link.movespring.com/join?orgCode=E5DGV5&groupCode=M6E65Q.

You can email josephn@chugachmiut.org if you have trouble joining.

Chugachmiut Heritage Preservation

Heritage Preservation

Llangarlluni: Becoming Aware

Our vision is to revitalize the traditional Chugach Native culture and language. The goal is to make Sugpiaq/ Eyak history and heritage a part of the regular school curriculum with support and direction from our Elders’ traditional ecological knowledge (TEK).

Heritage Preservation

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