Heritage Kits

heritage2Heritage Kits are designed for kindergarten through twelfth grade, and aligned with Alaska Cultural & Content Standards addressed through hands-on activities in each exhibit. Students learn about themselves and the world around them within the context of their culture.

Current kits include:

Cuqllitet: Those Who Came Before Us
Explore genealogy from traditional and modern perspectives; use voice recorders to collect information from the community; look back at Chugach Man & Chugach Woman and traditional roles within the family; play the part by dressing up in traditional Sugpiaq visors and headdresses.  

Cuumi Iqalluggsuucillrat: Traditional Fishing
Investigate the variety of traditional fishing methods of the Sugpiaq; build a model fish trap; learn about the anatomy and life cycle of salmon; play the salmon life cycle board game; discover the many ways that the salmon was used.

An Abundance of Birds
Investigate the many ways that birds were used for food, apparel, and tools; create and use models of traditional puffin beak rattles; learn about bird migration, habitat and anatomy; research traditional bird hunting and gathering methods.

The Healing Power of Alaska’s Plants
Discover the medicinal uses of plants found in the Chugach Region; locate, identify and gather local plants for pressing, drying and preparing medicine; learn how to treat common ailments using traditional practices; learn about plant anatomy and physiology; create art using local plants; play Plant Jeopardy.

Driftwood: A Gift from the Sea 
Discover the many uses of driftwood and how the Sugpiaq came to rely on this gift from the sea; track the progression through time as traditional tools evolved into the tools used today; map the way wood from hundreds of miles away reached the shores of the Region.

For more information, call the Heritage Preservation Program at 1-800-478-4155 or 562-4155.